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    Photography and video
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    since 1999 home of design culture, leading independent publication for design, architecture, art, photography and graphics
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    the german pavilion at the 2012 venice architecture biennale features sixteen projects that present an affirmative approach to waste hierarchy,while simultaneously exemplifying eleven different conversion strategies. project commissioner muck petzet and k
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    Stock photos and vector illustrations for all your print advertising and website needs.
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    $50,000 Worldwide Search for great photographersLive Event & Online CompetitionsAction | Street | Nature | People | Open
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    Jean-Eugène-Auguste Atget was born 12 February 1857 in Libourne. His father, carriage builder Jean-Eugène Atget, died in 1862, and his mother, Clara-Adeline Atget née Hourlier died shortly after. He was brought up by his maternal grandparents in Bordeaux
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    45+ Free Food Photography Tips and TechniquesHere is a collection of tips available on Food Photography. This is a great resource page. In order to keep the post succinct and to the point, I have tried to sum the post in one line.
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    Food Blogging today is no longer just having great recipes and writing, you have to have the pictures to go with it. As a professional food photographer, I want to help you learn to take better pictures of your food! As you have probably noticed, great fo
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    Slider (ράγα) με 4 ισχυρά ρουλεμάν που στηρίζονται σε 2 ατσάλινες μπάρες μήκους 1,25μ.Οι συνηθισμένες ράγες δεν έχουν ούτε ρουλεμάν ούτε ατσάλινα μέρη .Δεν ειναι ευπαθής στα χτυπήματα όπως η εξ ολοκλήρου κατασκευασμένες από αλουμίνιο και δεν φρακάρει επει
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    Vectoriel allows you to purchase royaltee-free vectors, photos and illustrations for your business communications for as little as € 0.50.
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    download high quality Royalty-Free imagesfor as low as 0.17 €/image or free
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    It´s purpose is to find out how different the paths of the Sun are around the world. The project has invited anyone to take part and fill in gaps on the map of solargraphs. The only way to make this art of pinhole photography project to work is with coll
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    The art world was abuzz last week after Andreas Gursky’s photograph Rhein II sold at auction for a ground-breaking $4.3 million. The print may be Plexiglas-mounted, signed, and gigantic (it’s nearly 12 feet wide), but the price had many people scratching
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