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    Πως το Social Networking μπορεί να βοηθήσει την επιχείρησή μας
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    Yesterday I had a an interesting sequence of events happen within my Twitter footprint that I had not seen previously. I had 11+ new followers, all who had over 100, some over 1000 followers. These new followers all arrived in my follower list in sequen
    11-01-2013 tags , από cordis
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    Today found a crazy twitter app that lets you know the fakers and inactive accounts that follow you on twitter. Here am going to discuss about a small app that helps you find fake twitter followers and spam bots and also a way to remove the fakers. Previo
    11-01-2013 tags , από cordis
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    Best Facebook Photo Sizes: Cover, Profile, Wall Photos & More!
    05-11-2012 tags , από cordis
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    Engagement is everything on Facebook, however if there’s no one to pay attention when you post you won’t be able to create such engagement. Of course, you can use strategies to increase your time and exposure via EdgeRank. However, isn’t being seen just e
    15-10-2012 tags , από cordis
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    17-09-2012 tags , , από cordis
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    Sure, she understands Instagram. But do you really want a new grad controlling your brand online?Pardon the generalization: I don't mean to attack 23-year-olds specifically. Nor do I believe there are no young people capable of managing a business's soc
    02-09-2012 tags από cordis
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    Shortly after announcing Google+, Google removed a feature that went almost unnoticed and that was “RealTime” search. This feature provided users with a search capability that included tweets on Twitter that provided breaking news and other links in real
    29-07-2012 tags από cordis
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    Hacker έκλεψε τους κωδικούς 200 Ελλήνων χρηστών του Facebook
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    All inbound marketers will agree: more 'Likes' for your Facebook business page are quite nice. But when has 'nice' ever been enough? In and of itself, ‘Likes’ are ultimately useless, unless you're successfully converting them into traffic and leads,
    15-11-2011 tags , από cordis
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    First, deep campaigns don't work. Digital agencies love deep, expensive campaigns on Facebook, with tons of pages, interaction, and art. It fits in with how agencies build microsites and websites, and justifies the $100,000-plus price tag that they like
    21-02-2011 tags , , από cordis
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    If you’ve used Facebook’s share functionality on an external website, you have probably by now figured out that the first time Facebook accesses the shared link, it generates a cache of the preview image and the copy. Here are a few tips to break the cach
    17-01-2011 tags , , από cordis
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    Twitter’s default search only goes back a week—if that—and often chokes on multiple keyword searches. Fortunately, there ARE many great alternatives, and I’ve included a chart comparing the nine top tweet search engines below. For example, Topsy lets you
    11-01-2011 tags , , από cordis
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    Last week we told you how to hack the new Facebook profile and create an awesome look for your page through those top 5 pictures that show your most recently tagged photos. Seems like people have been mad busy last the weekend pimping their new profiles,
    17-12-2010 tags , από cordis
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    Το ζήτημα της διαδικτυακής φήμης (reputation management) και συγκεκριμένα το monitoring των καταναλωτών αλλάζει κατά περίσταση. Το κείμενο περιγράφει συνοπτικά πως θα αρχίσετε να ασχολείστε με την διαχείριση της διαδικτυακής φήμης της επιχείρησής σας.

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