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  1. 26497.!/exercises/0
    Learn to code interactively, for free.People all over the world are learning with Codecademy. Join in now!
    21-01-2013 tags , από cordis
  2. 26084.
    Five A DayFive articles a day for web designers & developers
    29-09-2012 tags , , από cordis
  3. 23635.
    Lectures, Screencasts and conferences for real web developers & designers."
    31-10-2010 tags , , , από cordis
  4. 23302.
    Δεν περίμενα ποτέ ότι από την στιγμή που αποφάσισα να ασχοληθώ και με την ψηφιακή αγορά, θα συναντήσω τόσους πολλούς οι οποίοι εκτός του ότι, πράγματι, είναι εξαιρετικοί στη γνώση της τεχνολογίας, θα είναι και εμπειρογνώμονες σε οτιδήποτε έχει και εφαρμογ
    13-07-2010 tags , , , από cordis
  5. 23294.
    Website is the real face of your organization which needs to be optimized according to the defined standards. By now, all professional web designers & developers pay special attention on usability for their work. The Dictionary defines the Word usability
    12-07-2010 tags , , από cordis
  6. 23293.
    When it comes to open source ecommerce platforms, there are plenty to choose from. Here, we take a close look at the 15 best available, which should help guide you in the right direction. I’m not going to lie- finding the perfect platform is not easy. Ea
    12-07-2010 tags , , , από cordis
  7. 23267.
    Music has a strong influence on mood. Just try listening to some fast-paced energetic music while relaxing, or try getting pumped up with chill ambient soundscapes. It just doesn’t work. So, when you need to create something, play appropriate music to qui
    05-07-2010 tags , , , , , από cordis
  8. 22971.
    XSLT-powered open source content management system
  9. 22873.
    Life’s been quite busy for me since I became the President of the Rhode Island School of Design. The Laws have been useful for me and I hope to be able to get my mind together in due time to share those experiences with you. Thank you for checking on this
    16-05-2010 tags , , από cordis
  10. 22624.
    12-04-2010 tags , , , , από cordis
  11. 22232.
    OSFlash is a watering hole for open source Flash developers and users to meet, talk about and contribute to new and existing open source projects for the Flash Platform.
    21-02-2010 tags , , από cordis
  12. 22231.
    The Yahoo! Flash Developer Center is an ever growing collection of Flash tools, resources and information, all freely available for your use. Check back often for updates, and join the ydn-flash Yahoo! Group to exchange information with Flash developers j
    21-02-2010 tags , , από cordis
  13. 22230.
    The Liquid Components extends the CS3 Components. It means that the liquid components can coexist with the CS3 components, they are totally interchangeable. A big thank you to Grant Skinner for the the great work he has done on the CS3 components framewo
    21-02-2010 tags , , από cordis
  14. 22229.
    AsWing is an Open Source Flash ActionScript GUI framework and library that allows programmers to make their flash application(or RIA) UI easily. Its usage is similar to Java Swing. It provides a set of GUI components, which we intent to implement in pure
    21-02-2010 tags , , από cordis
  15. 22110.
    Kentico CMS for ASP.NET flexible, all-in-one solution for web developers
    05-02-2010 tags , , από cordis

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